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<span style=”color: #ffffff; line-height: 18px; font-weight: 500;”>Rofice srl – Three-dimensional laser cutting. We handle artifacts like jewels. Thanks for your preference. Your decision to partner with us is well placed.</span>

Monday - Friday 08:00 - 18:00

Saturday - Sunday - Closed

+ 39 059 9785181


via V. Colonna, 16

41126 San Damaso - Modena

Lunedì - Venerdì 08:00 - 18:00

Sabato e Domenica - RIPOSO

+ 39 059 9785181


Via V. Colonna, 16

41126 San Damaso - Modena


Laser Cutting 3D

The masters of steel

Laser Cutting 3D

Our company is equipped with a Primaindustrie Rapido two-dimensional hybrid laser system

Rapido Primaindustrie ideal for the realization of both small series and medium / high productions as it is equipped with an automatic pallet change system that allows loading / unloading with the operating machine.

This technology is ideal to support or at least replace many blanking operations, significantly reducing their high costs.

The flexibility and versatility of our machine allows you to cut the most varied shapes and materials. Being combined with 3D cad / cam programs, it allows us to satisfy the most varied needs in terms of seriality, precision and delivery speed; moreover, it allows us to quickly modify the cutting paths in the event of supervening changes, making us ideal partners in case of prototyping.



Rapido 5 PRS PLS 2200

Field of work

3000 X 1500 X 600

Workable materials and thicknesses

FERRO fino all’8 mm, INOX fino al 5 mm. ALLUMINIO fino al 4 mm. TITANIO fino al 2 mm

Third party processing

Rapid prototyping

Complete machining

Realization of projects for individuals


Some of our recent workings and creations

  • taglio lastre in metallo e derivati di dimensioni massime di 4m x 2m
  • taglio lamiere alto spessore
  • taglio laser ferro fino a 30mm
  • taglio laser acciaio inox fino a 35mm
  • taglio laser alluminio fino a 35mm
  • taglio laser ottone fino a 15mm
  • taglio laser tubi con diametro massimo 315mm